Floating Berlin

The "Floating University" is a project of the architectural collective "raumlaborberlin" in Berlin. It is located in the rainwater retention basin of the former Tempelhof airport. The temporary structures serve as interdisciplinary meeting spaces for researchers, practitioners, and students. They form a unique learning environment to give participants a new perspective on the city and the environment.


Sony Center

Interior and exterior shots of the Sony Center at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin for the operators of the complex.

Villa Arpel

In Jacques Tati's film "Mon oncle," his alter ego Monsieur Hulot has to share the lead role with his brother-in-law Arpel's villa. The cult house with the rolling eyes was temporarily rebuilt 1:1 and true to detail in Paris in 2009.

Antti Lovag

A visit to the architects Antti Lovag on the Côte d'Azur. With his spherical houses and his theory of habitology, the visionary created architectural history in the 70s. His buildings still look futuristic today.

consumption XXL

With 60,000 m² of sales area, the second largest food department in the world and a range of 380,000 items, mostly in the luxury segment, the KaDeWe is a department store of superlatives. To do justice to these dimensions, I have chosen the panoramic format for the shots of the Berlin temple of consumption.